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About Us

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brand strat·e·gist

/brand/  /ˈstradəjəst/


  1. a marketing professional skilled in clarifying brand messages, planning action or policy, especially in business and personal brands.

If you build it, they will come...

When I first heard that iconic line in the movie, "A Field Of Dreams" as a teenager, I understood what it meant but not the full gravity of the statement. However, now I literally live and eat by it. The line simply means to be intentional, purposeful, strategic about your plans and those who need it will find you. ~ ZTW


Hello, my name is Zira T. Washington, but most people call me Z.

I am the founder and chief brand strategist of ZTW Media Group. We are a boutique-style branding agency that brings together a team of skilled and talented creatives from across the United States. Our expertise lies in brand development and strategic planning, helping businesses to position their brand in a way that makes it recognizable, influential and sets it apart from the competition. At ZTW Media Group, we believe in providing exceptional customer service, embracing creative innovation, and always upholding integrity in everything we do.


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